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Energy to create God’s world in our world

You and I have been created with the energy to create energy. This energy will either be wasted, or put towards the purpose of God in your life. For example, according to FactRetriever.com, “every day, the heart creates enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles. In a lifetime, that is equivalent to driving to […]

What does ‘revelation’ mean anyway?

So what does ‘revelation’ mean anyway? Let’s take a look at some texts in the New Testament and try to get some clarity on this. The apostle Paul wrote about the importance of revelation knowledge on a number of occasions. However, it’s worth noting there is, of course, a whole entire book in the New […]

Micro-church Fundamentals

Someone asked me recently how I define a micro-church. I think this has yet to be determined and defined, but there are some basics attributes of what makes a healthy micro-church that shouldn’t be too difficult for us to understand. First off, it’s probably a good thing to ask ourselves how do we define “church”, […]

Former Drug Addict & Dealer – Transformed!

I’d like to take this opportunity and share with you not only this picture, which my friend had just uploaded on Facebook, but also share in brief the story of one of the most amazing people I’ve come to know in the last 2 decades. Meet Peter Peev, who is, amongst other things married to […]

Philippines Ministry Trip

May 11, 2015      Here I am in a small plane with my buddy Chris, (to how many places around the world have we been together now, Chris?) approaching Masbate – one of Philippines’ 7,000 islands, home to some 85,000 people. We’re coming here trusting the leadership of pastor Roy. Why do I trust pastor […]