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As your host and the visionary behind Threefold, I’m grateful I can share with you my story, which will probably the best way to explain my passion for advancing the Kingdom of God. I became a believer in the fall of 1989, a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Communist regime in Bulgaria. Hearing the Gospel for the first time, I instantly knew this is what I had been looking for my entire life.

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It was explosive!

I began to witness to all my friends, and they started to get saved one by one. Within a few months, it turned into a small group of young people. I opened up my apartment and even more people started coming to our improvised home meetings. Then I began preaching on the streets of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and the rest is history. Within 4 short years, we had some 1,000 people regularly attending our Sunday morning services. The core of the church, however, was made up of some 70 home groups, most of them young people.

After the initial period of explosive growth, the Bulgarian Parliament of 1994, made up mostly of former Communists, changed the law and the Attorney General of Bulgaria at the time, ordered our building to be shut down. Hundreds of newspaper articles were written against me by the corrupt media, which had been a propaganda tool for 45 years in the hands of the Communist party. Old “habits” die hard, they say, and this so certainly true of any post-Communist society. The corrupt former Communists tried to destroy our church, forcing us to operate like an underground church for a period of about 5 years before we were allowed to emerge again.

In our almost three decades of ministry, we have seen thousands of Bulgarians come to faith in Christ through our ministry. We have organized a number of humanitarian efforts, conferences and various types of ministries throughout the country.

International Travels

In 2002, the late Professor Dr. Peter Wagner invited me to join his newly founded International Coalition of Apostles. The next 10 years became a period of intense international travel for me. I have now been to over 40 nations preaching the Gospel in churches, Bible Schools, conferences, seminars and evangelistic events. My greatest passion has always been the equipping and the activation of ordinary believers in their God-given calling, talents, and ministry.

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Threefold Christian Alliance in 2024

The vision of Threefold Christian Alliance is to advance the Kingdom of God on the earth through the power of FAITH, LIBERTY, and CHARITY working together as one!


The authentic Gospel of Jesus the Messiah calls for all people, of all ages, to abide by His teaching as taught by His apostles (Matthew 28:18-20). Sadly, much of the efforts of those who claim to have represented Him in history can be summed up as simply converting people from one tradition to another, without much emphasis on actually teaching and helping people to live life itself. The world is tired of the conversion wars going on between churches and denominations. The solution is to model the way we should live, so everyone can choose for themselves what to follow.


God created men and women to be free under His authority! No one has the right to limit the freedom and the liberties of others. And yet, Liberty remains an uncommon luxury when examined against the grim history of tyranny and totalitarianism through the ages. God’s perfect will for all people is to be alive and to be free to pursue the life He has called them to, not the life some tyrant imposes on his subjects. Believers can and should be free to not only uphold the law but also to take part in society as citizens who are involved in the civic process, in politics, and in society as a whole. We educate believers on everything they need to know from the perspective of having a Biblical worldview. We equip believers to be the salt of the earth in a most practical way by serving society in various capacities as civic leaders, as activists, or as members of various government bodies.


Something was broken in man during the fall in the garden of Eden. From disabilities, to illnesses, to poverty, without charity, without reaching out to those who need help, our faith would be vain, pointless, and empty. Threefold Christian Alliance has strong historic roots in charity. We develop the systems, platforms, and programs necessary to help those in need wherever our members see the need for it. We help them develop a plan of action, creating a viable opportunity to help where help is needed in the most effective and efficient way.

Spiritual Centers

We understand that many are and will continue to be vested in the formation of what we have been calling “churches” for many centuries. We are also aware of the fact that millions upon millions of people have tried this format, and they have opted out of it. Still, many find it helpful.

Threefold has the ambition to “open-source” what has traditionally been the “proprietary technology” of religious denominations in licensing “ordained ministers”. We will dispel the false mysticism surrounding many of the practices in Christianity and will develop training programs equipping ordinary people to become effective ambassadors of Christ and influences in their own worlds, without having to be burdened with the unnecessary and unbiblical baggage of many religious institutions.

George Bakalov