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What is Messiah’s real name and is it important for us today?

The Gospel of Matthew tells us that a messenger from God – an angel, approached Miryam [Anglo-Saxon version: Mary] and Yosef [Anglo-Saxon version: Joseph], the natural parents of the Messiah. This angel, this Heavenly creature had entered the earthly realm in order to give them a special message. Part of this message was an instruction […]

What is Christian Hebraism and Is It Relevant for Today?

Christian Hebraism transformed Christianity completely during the Middle Ages. However, the impact this movement had on the world remains forgotten by most people who consider themselves believers today: clergy and laity alike. I realize I’m not the scholar this subject deserves if Christian Hebraism will have to be re-introduced to believers in the 21st century […]

Do Christians get Liberty?

I grew up in a Communist country. To me, totalitarianism isn’t a classroom lecture or a university course. It’s something very real and millions of people continue to suffer under this evil to this day. It has taken me and others who have gone through this experience decades…I repeat – decades, to come to grip […]

The Challenge Before Us

If we return to what Moses and Yeshua called us to and taught, we can meet the challenges of the tomorrow and Liberty will prevail. If we draw back the barbarians will succeed. It has happened before.

Christmas For Beginners

Let’s imagine you are a beginner in the faith. Up until few days ago you believed in reincarnation, elfs, Harry Potter and smoking pot. But something happened to you and here you are wanting to make things right with God, trying to figure out where to start.  And it so happens that this very important […]