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On mandatory vaccinations: the spiritual act of choosing to reject the godless system!


In the gospel of Matthew chapter 4 and verse 3 Satan challenges the Messiah and tells him “since you are the son of God, command these stones to be turned into bread”.

Obviously, after 40 days and nights of fasting Yeshua is hungry. Being hungry is a human experience that unifies all of mankind, past, present and future. It’s one of the most basic existential needs we all have. We can all identify with someone who is hungry – even though many of us have never experienced the kind of hunger people experience and live with in places where extreme poverty exists.

I have fasted for 3 days, 7 days, 10 days, 21 days, and all the way up to 40 days. And I am extremely grateful for those experiences because they allowed me to experience myself, the world and God in a completely different way. Periodic fasting is a great spiritual practice for all to make a part of their lifestyle.

Back to our desert story: What is the response of the messiah? Why didn’t Jesus turn stones into bread?

Whether you believe in an actual Satan or not, his response is astonishing.

But first, let me point out that this is not God’s recipe for the world to solve chronic hunger. If you think we can tell all the people in the world who experience chronic hunger, “hey, you don’t need food, you should just live on every word that comes from the mouth of God!”, you must be out of your mind! We solve the problem of hunger by feeding the hungry and teaching how to feed themselves.

Furthermore, Jesus didn’t live as a poor man suffering from existential needs, amongst which hunger. He was a rabbi who had a significant following, among which many rich people who provided for his and for the needs of his 12 apostles. So the situation with the desert was in fact an extraordinary situation of hunger, not some ongoing hunger crisis situation.

His response therefore, has to do with something else, not hunger itself.

3 The tempter came and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.” 4 But he answered, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.'”

Matthew 4:3-4 (HNV)

He quotes from the Torah. More specifically he quotes from the book of Deuteronomy chapter 8, verse 3.


I believe what the Messiah meant here is that he will remain faithful to God’s commandment not to bow to anything or anyone besides God himself. We all experience situations and pressures that force us to consider meeting our needs in some illegitimate way. Even though the Messiah might have been able to turn stones into bread, that was not the issue at hand. He demonstrated he can turn water into wine, why wouldn’t he be able to turn stones into bread? Of course he would be able to. That was not the point, however. The point here is that Satan was taking control, presenting himself as the one who knows what has to be done to solve the problem. He was just giving instructions to the Messiah and therefore creating an alternative authority besides God himself.

Who was the Messiah going to obey and follow? God the Father, or this new “god” who presents himself as knowing better than the Creator Himself?

This is the issue at hand here I believe. And this is what we all face almost on a daily basis.

The big questions at stake here are: Who are you going to yield to? A disciple of who exactly are you?


Think about the situation in the world today. I just read somewhere that supposedly the majority of people now, over 60%, have been vaccinated with the Covid vaccine here in the United States. The situation around the world is similar. Why are people doing this? Have they lost their minds? When before have you had the governments of this world so concerned about you and your health? Why are they suppressing criticism of these vaccines as if everyone who has questions about it is some kind of an evil person? Why are they forcing chemicals on people and then creating a two-tier society that discriminate based on whether you were vaccinated or not? Why are they going after people like Dr. Malone who is himself one of the inventors of the mRNA vaccine and criticizes the powers that be?

Only a seriously confused person would ignore these and many other legitimate questions we have on this whole issue.

Aside from the most important (for us as believers) fact that tissue from aborted babies has been used in the testing or the production of all major vaccine manufacturers, you have to be truly under the control of the spirit of fear to disregard common sense and rush to accept their forced vaccinations in order to stay protected from a virus has mortality rate close to what the flu has had for some hundred years now.

The situation with the vaccinations conundrum is no different from what the Messiah faced in the desert when he was following the guidance of the Spirit. Should we live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Creator, or should we trust the guidance of shady organizations who claim they can turn chemicals into life-saving “bread” as if it were?

The metaphor with the bread becomes even more relevant in light of the fact that people are actually losing their jobs and livelihood because their refusal to bow to the vaccine dictators. Had someone written a novel about a dystopian future in America where this would be happening, it would have been thought of as inconceivable only few years ago. And yet this is our new dystopian reality!


Personally I don’t have negative feelings for friends and family who have accepted to go down the path of following the advise of corrupt governments and corporations. I do worry however, about how these vaccines will affect people in the long term. I do worry about someone even losing their life given the fact these vaccines are causing 225 times more injuries than the usual flu vaccines.

But I don’t despise them for their decision. I just don’t understand them. And I have yet to find someone to can explain it to me and present actual arguments for it.

When it comes to mandatory vaccinations, I choose to reject the godless system of this world. Corrupt governments, the media, Big Tech, the China Communist-controlled WHO, the pharmaceutical corporations and the medical cartels – they are all working together to implement Satan’s agenda for global control. After having spent the last 30 years of my life in defiance against this system in one way or another, I’m not about to start unseeing what I have already seen and what I know to be the Truth.

I choose to live by every instruction (Toràh), wisdom, guidance, concept, value and commandment of He who has created me! I know He truly cares about me and I choose to trust Him, not the “god” of this world and his corrupt proxies!

What about you?

The truth about aborted fetuses and Covid vaccines

I don’t mean to disturb anyone so if you find this offensive or disturbing please be upset with whoever manufactured these vaccines, whoever pushes them and whoever should be reporting on this, but isn’t. I’m not pointing a finger, I’m pointing out facts.

For months now I’ve been hearing this chatter about aborted fetuses tissue used to make these vaccines.

Being the sceptic that I am when it comes to “the Internet says this”, it was always on my list to research and check into this for myself.

I finally did.

Here’s the result.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute (https://lozierinstitute.org/)
is the go-to source for accurate and timely research and information on life issues. With a current network of over fifty Associate Scholars from a variety of disciplines, CLI provides pro-life groups and policy makers research-based information of the highest quality on issues including abortion, women’s health, prenatal diagnosis and treatment for the unborn, perinatal hospice, abortion reporting, sex-selection abortion, stem cell research and medicine, and health care policy.

Here is what CLI has to say about the vaccines used for Covid:

CLI’s analysis found that a majority of vaccine candidates did not use abortion-derived cell lines in their production. Several used abortion-derived cell lines in laboratory testing, or their use in testing could not be determined.

Source: https://lozierinstitute.org/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-covid-19-vaccine/

This statement is a bit confusing to me. It almost sounds like they are covering up some pretty disturbing facts.

So let me use my much loved (or hated by some) gift of making things plain and clear:

As per CLI’s own chart https://siasky.net/nAHKku312jqBMH3g0kNg7IHnDE9quTjdCnKCSdxH8-CB2Q

ASTRA ZENECA and JOHNSON & JOHNSON DID USE abortion cell lines for both testing and production!

And here’s the other bad news: ALL of the major Western country-based manufacturers used abortion cell lines for lab testing.

They have yet another document showing a very extensive list of manufacturers, including China-based, from which it becomes clear there are companies who have not used aborted fetal tissue cell lines involved in their production. https://siasky.net/vANiUFg7brqZYDd2KTbxdOcrXSB5TumP9KjzjVstb-zS5A

The links I am providing are of charts taken from CLI’s website.

However, I have reuploaded these documents on the decentralized web. They cannot be deleted by anyone including myself. The new, decentralized web is immutable. Impossible to censor & manipulate. It’s built on the blockchain, the same technology Bitcoin is built on.

You can get these same charts directly from CLI’s website, but just in case they vanish some day, please know we have a copy of them on the immutable web.

Here they are again:

Chart 1: https://siasky.net/nAHKku312jqBMH3g0kNg7IHnDE9quTjdCnKCSdxH8-CB2Q

Chart 2: https://siasky.net/vANiUFg7brqZYDd2KTbxdOcrXSB5TumP9KjzjVstb-zS5A

Everyone needs to decide what this information means to you. I can’t tell you that. But if I was forced to get vaccinated and I knew these vaccines have been made as a result of testing that used aborted babies, I would never consent to such demand. And I don’t care what the cost might be to me. It’s wrong before God and it’s as simple as that as far as I’m concerned. Anyone wants to twist and turn and explain the moral implications away, have at it but please take your issue with the Lord, not with me. I’m just pointing to some facts, that’s all.

In other news I had signed Emilie’s religious exemption request which she sent to the management of the hospital where she works and they accepted that so she doesn’t have to get vaccinated. Jennifer wrote a letter to the management of the college where she is studying and demanded they exempt her from wearing a mask and they did. Now other students are catching on. I hope you take your stand where you are at and as opportunity presents itself.