The truth about aborted fetuses and Covid vaccines

I don’t mean to disturb anyone so if you find this offensive or disturbing please be upset with whoever manufactured these vaccines, whoever pushes them and whoever should be reporting on this, but isn’t. I’m not pointing a finger, I’m pointing out facts.

For months now I’ve been hearing this chatter about aborted fetuses tissue used to make these vaccines.

Being the sceptic that I am when it comes to “the Internet says this”, it was always on my list to research and check into this for myself.

I finally did.

Here’s the result.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute (
is the go-to source for accurate and timely research and information on life issues. With a current network of over fifty Associate Scholars from a variety of disciplines, CLI provides pro-life groups and policy makers research-based information of the highest quality on issues including abortion, women’s health, prenatal diagnosis and treatment for the unborn, perinatal hospice, abortion reporting, sex-selection abortion, stem cell research and medicine, and health care policy.

Here is what CLI has to say about the vaccines used for Covid:

CLI’s analysis found that a majority of vaccine candidates did not use abortion-derived cell lines in their production. Several used abortion-derived cell lines in laboratory testing, or their use in testing could not be determined.


This statement is a bit confusing to me. It almost sounds like they are covering up some pretty disturbing facts.

So let me use my much loved (or hated by some) gift of making things plain and clear:

As per CLI’s own chart

ASTRA ZENECA and JOHNSON & JOHNSON DID USE abortion cell lines for both testing and production!

And here’s the other bad news: ALL of the major Western country-based manufacturers used abortion cell lines for lab testing.

They have yet another document showing a very extensive list of manufacturers, including China-based, from which it becomes clear there are companies who have not used aborted fetal tissue cell lines involved in their production.

The links I am providing are of charts taken from CLI’s website.

However, I have reuploaded these documents on the decentralized web. They cannot be deleted by anyone including myself. The new, decentralized web is immutable. Impossible to censor & manipulate. It’s built on the blockchain, the same technology Bitcoin is built on.

You can get these same charts directly from CLI’s website, but just in case they vanish some day, please know we have a copy of them on the immutable web.

Here they are again:

Chart 1:

Chart 2:

Everyone needs to decide what this information means to you. I can’t tell you that. But if I was forced to get vaccinated and I knew these vaccines have been made as a result of testing that used aborted babies, I would never consent to such demand. And I don’t care what the cost might be to me. It’s wrong before God and it’s as simple as that as far as I’m concerned. Anyone wants to twist and turn and explain the moral implications away, have at it but please take your issue with the Lord, not with me. I’m just pointing to some facts, that’s all.

In other news I had signed Emilie’s religious exemption request which she sent to the management of the hospital where she works and they accepted that so she doesn’t have to get vaccinated. Jennifer wrote a letter to the management of the college where she is studying and demanded they exempt her from wearing a mask and they did. Now other students are catching on. I hope you take your stand where you are at and as opportunity presents itself.


The Hittites: A Historical Perspective

It’s interesting to learn about the ancient people who populated Asia Minor thousands of years ago. Asia Minor is where the Apostle really wanted to go and declare the Messiah Yeshua. But the time wasn’t right. The Spirit didn’t allow him:

Acts 16:7 (HNV) When they had come opposite Mysia, they tried to go into Bithynia, but the Spirit didn’t allow them.

Later on however, Shaul did end up traveling to Asia Minor. This is a very long journey and I imagine very dangerous. If I remember correctly, the distance from Yerushalaim (Jerusalem) to the cities in Asia Minor where Paul travelled to, is something to the tune of 1,200 miles. The terrain is mountainous and very rugged. Imagine having to venture on a trip like this!

But it was worth it!

These same Jewish communities who had been there for hundreds of years as part of the diaspora, later became known as “the churches” of Asia Minor: in Galatia, Colossae, and Ephesus.

Remember the seven churches to which the apostle John (Yochanan) wrote to when he was given the revelation of the clash between the Kingdoms and the end of history? He was able to do that because Shaul (Paul) had already laid the foundation and now there was a “Body” and a network of followers of the Messiah, the Notsrim, as they were known then (the Nazarenes).

I wonder how much of the ancient Hittite culture was left in the people of these lands and what it was like having to deal with that?

The below article on the Hittites is from Dr. Claude Mariottini, Professor of Old Testament at Northern Baptist Seminary. I have been following his work for some time. He is not a Hebraist, but he’s a good conservative academic in a field that has seen tremendous hostility from the liberal mob.


The Hittites were a people who established a vast empire in Anatolia in the second millennium B.C. They are also mentioned as one of the inhabitants …

The Hittites: A Historical Perspective