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On mandatory vaccinations: the spiritual act of choosing to reject the godless system!


In the gospel of Matthew chapter 4 and verse 3 Satan challenges the Messiah and tells him “since you are the son of God, command these stones to be turned into bread”.

Obviously, after 40 days and nights of fasting Yeshua is hungry. Being hungry is a human experience that unifies all of mankind, past, present and future. It’s one of the most basic existential needs we all have. We can all identify with someone who is hungry – even though many of us have never experienced the kind of hunger people experience and live with in places where extreme poverty exists.

I have fasted for 3 days, 7 days, 10 days, 21 days, and all the way up to 40 days. And I am extremely grateful for those experiences because they allowed me to experience myself, the world and God in a completely different way. Periodic fasting is a great spiritual practice for all to make a part of their lifestyle.

Back to our desert story: What is the response of the messiah? Why didn’t Jesus turn stones into bread?

Whether you believe in an actual Satan or not, his response is astonishing.

But first, let me point out that this is not God’s recipe for the world to solve chronic hunger. If you think we can tell all the people in the world who experience chronic hunger, “hey, you don’t need food, you should just live on every word that comes from the mouth of God!”, you must be out of your mind! We solve the problem of hunger by feeding the hungry and teaching how to feed themselves.

Furthermore, Jesus didn’t live as a poor man suffering from existential needs, amongst which hunger. He was a rabbi who had a significant following, among which many rich people who provided for his and for the needs of his 12 apostles. So the situation with the desert was in fact an extraordinary situation of hunger, not some ongoing hunger crisis situation.

His response therefore, has to do with something else, not hunger itself.

3 The tempter came and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.” 4 But he answered, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.'”

Matthew 4:3-4 (HNV)

He quotes from the Torah. More specifically he quotes from the book of Deuteronomy chapter 8, verse 3.


I believe what the Messiah meant here is that he will remain faithful to God’s commandment not to bow to anything or anyone besides God himself. We all experience situations and pressures that force us to consider meeting our needs in some illegitimate way. Even though the Messiah might have been able to turn stones into bread, that was not the issue at hand. He demonstrated he can turn water into wine, why wouldn’t he be able to turn stones into bread? Of course he would be able to. That was not the point, however. The point here is that Satan was taking control, presenting himself as the one who knows what has to be done to solve the problem. He was just giving instructions to the Messiah and therefore creating an alternative authority besides God himself.

Who was the Messiah going to obey and follow? God the Father, or this new “god” who presents himself as knowing better than the Creator Himself?

This is the issue at hand here I believe. And this is what we all face almost on a daily basis.

The big questions at stake here are: Who are you going to yield to? A disciple of who exactly are you?


Think about the situation in the world today. I just read somewhere that supposedly the majority of people now, over 60%, have been vaccinated with the Covid vaccine here in the United States. The situation around the world is similar. Why are people doing this? Have they lost their minds? When before have you had the governments of this world so concerned about you and your health? Why are they suppressing criticism of these vaccines as if everyone who has questions about it is some kind of an evil person? Why are they forcing chemicals on people and then creating a two-tier society that discriminate based on whether you were vaccinated or not? Why are they going after people like Dr. Malone who is himself one of the inventors of the mRNA vaccine and criticizes the powers that be?

Only a seriously confused person would ignore these and many other legitimate questions we have on this whole issue.

Aside from the most important (for us as believers) fact that tissue from aborted babies has been used in the testing or the production of all major vaccine manufacturers, you have to be truly under the control of the spirit of fear to disregard common sense and rush to accept their forced vaccinations in order to stay protected from a virus has mortality rate close to what the flu has had for some hundred years now.

The situation with the vaccinations conundrum is no different from what the Messiah faced in the desert when he was following the guidance of the Spirit. Should we live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Creator, or should we trust the guidance of shady organizations who claim they can turn chemicals into life-saving “bread” as if it were?

The metaphor with the bread becomes even more relevant in light of the fact that people are actually losing their jobs and livelihood because their refusal to bow to the vaccine dictators. Had someone written a novel about a dystopian future in America where this would be happening, it would have been thought of as inconceivable only few years ago. And yet this is our new dystopian reality!


Personally I don’t have negative feelings for friends and family who have accepted to go down the path of following the advise of corrupt governments and corporations. I do worry however, about how these vaccines will affect people in the long term. I do worry about someone even losing their life given the fact these vaccines are causing 225 times more injuries than the usual flu vaccines.

But I don’t despise them for their decision. I just don’t understand them. And I have yet to find someone to can explain it to me and present actual arguments for it.

When it comes to mandatory vaccinations, I choose to reject the godless system of this world. Corrupt governments, the media, Big Tech, the China Communist-controlled WHO, the pharmaceutical corporations and the medical cartels – they are all working together to implement Satan’s agenda for global control. After having spent the last 30 years of my life in defiance against this system in one way or another, I’m not about to start unseeing what I have already seen and what I know to be the Truth.

I choose to live by every instruction (Toràh), wisdom, guidance, concept, value and commandment of He who has created me! I know He truly cares about me and I choose to trust Him, not the “god” of this world and his corrupt proxies!

What about you?

The Challenge Before Us

Does what we call Christianity today represent what its original founders meant? From the very doctrines, ideas, way of thinking to our practices and church culture, how much of what it was meant to be matches what is today?

After the Roman Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire in the beginning of the 4th century, this is what happened:

“The Church precisely copied the organizational pattern of the Roman Empire, assuring it control and stability.” – Kenneth Sacks, professor of history and classics at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

How does this have anything to do with what Yeshua and his apostles taught?

It doesn’t.

Do most ordinary (file-and-rank) preachers understand this today?

Most of them don’t. They are mostly busy with doing well what they were told by their tradition. Their desire to be found faithful to God is often misplaced as they equate faithfulness to God with following their respective traditional way of church service.

It’s not easy to change the way people think and live. No matter what great truth one thinks they have, most people don’t like changes because most people don’t like problems and turmoil. Life is a great challenge already so why add to our workload right? That’s how most people think.

Do high-level theologians, influential ministers and denominational leaders know how much Romanism and paganism have corrupted Christianity? Not necessarily but some do. However their careers are too dependent on being successful in the false religious system and this conflict of interest prevents them from exposing the status quo.

Some of them know or at least suspect that today’s Christianity has seriously deviated in substance and in form from what it was meant to be, but don’t know what to do about it. In fact it’s probably safe to say that Christianity as we know it today has become practically a strange new religion using the language of the Torah, the Gospels & the Epistles, but has nothing to do with the essence of what Moses and Yeshua taught.

This is not to say we just throw away everything Christian and return to Judaism. Rabbinic Judaism has also deviated in many ways from the Torah so now for us to relearn the ways of old we need to return to sources and practices that predate any of the modern religious paradigms.

May the Lord raise those who will have the courage and the competence to expose the fallacies we have been fed for too long! May his reformers arise in this nation and call us back to the source of God’s Truth, the Teaching of Moses and Yeshua, not the distortions of fanatical religionists!

May hunger for His Truth prevail so we can return to Him and rediscover life in and through Him!

Only a true spiritual awakening can ensure the future of America and the free world. If we fail in this, the barbaric forces unleashed on us will continue to grow stronger until they divide us and conquer us completely!

Human Ken and Barbie Dolls: On Finding and Losing Ourselves in the Pursuit Of Self

Justin Jedlica, one of the many “Human Ken Dolls” popping up around the world.

Bringing the message of God’s eternal love to our generation might be more of a challenge than what most of us realize. This is partly due to the fact that today’s popular culture seems to be constantly pushing people into the pursuit of ‘originality’. This post is an exhortation from a Biblical standpoint. According to the dictionary definition, an exhortation is “a speech or discourse that encourages, incites, or earnestly advises”. It’s about finding and losing ourselves in the pursuit of self. It’s about a cultural trend, manhood, womanhood, and personhood. If nothing else, this might be helpful to some young people who live under incredible pressure “to be somebody”, to be “cool” and so on. This might also be helpful to those of you who want to do well as parents and love your children unconditionally, while they go through their process of finding themselves in this crazy world. And crazy world it is.

Take for example one of the many “Human Ken Doll” individuals who have been popping up around the world. What a sad state of mankind we are “privileged” to witness in our lifetime! I wonder how many young people read stories like these and think to themselves “I can’t wait to do this one day!” Hopefully not too many! And please don’t think for a minute I am somehow hateful of this individual. I’m not. I read his story and it made me incredibly sad. The same goes for the Human Barbie lady Valeria Lukyanova from Moldova.

Welcome to a world obsessed with modifying its own visage in a pursuit of “our better version” – physically, that is, not spiritually. How do we articulate the wonderful, simple truths of God, to a generation obsessed with rejecting itself and trying to remake itself in order to find acceptance and popularity?

The truth is we don’t need to be ‘eccentric’ in order to be ‘original’. What makes us ‘great’ is not perfect looks. Furthermore God has already made each one of us an original, inside and out. Even though we are all made of the dust (same chemical elements as nature), we all are in essence a combination of glorified DNA dressed in a body suit, we all have fears and hopes, we all get hungry and thirsty, even while we are all incredibly unique in God’s eyes.

Coming to a place of being aware of “who you are” in your personhood in a healthy way is entirely possible when you come into a loving relationship with our Creator. Psalm 8 is a beautiful prophetic poem and a tribute to this awesome realization – in light of who God is as our Creator and Father.

“…what is man that you are mindful of him,
and the son of man that you care for him?

Yet you have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings
and crowned him with glory and honor.

You have given him dominion over the works of your hands;
you have put all things under his feet.”

When we recognize others for who they already are, not what we project onto them what they should be, it may be the greatest form of respect one person can render to another. Too many people don’t simply “see” who others are, possibly because they have never experienced the blessedness of having been accepted for who they are themselves. So much of mankind is caught up in the vicious cycle of pressuring each other to become something we are not, based on what someone else thinks we should be.

As we come into Christ, as we transition from darkness to light and as we become grounded in who our Creator is and his great love for us, we gain a firm foundation under our feet. We are aligned with the unchanging, incorruptible, ever just and all powerful God whose verdict of us as his children is “You are now mine. You are now loved and accepted.”

It’s what people do with this verdict that separates us.


Some people hear about the Love and the Life of God but never experience this on a deep, existential, spiritual and even emotional level. They give up on the journey too soon and revert to despair and short-term philosophies in an attempt to spare themselves from the agony of trying to connect with God and not succeeding. This is sad and true for many such people. It’s hard for them to accept that God chooses to reveal himself on his own terms. But that’s one of the things that makes God – God. He gets to prescribe how we connect with him.

As we the Jewish people celebrate Shavuot, we are reminded of how God gave Moses the Law. In it, He prescribed how his covenant people should meet with Him. The time, the place, the way it should work, the clothes the priests were to wear, the utensils to be used. God offers himself to us – on his terms!

Now, it’s true that God is all-present but we can’t manipulate him into “showing up” for us in a personal way just because we decided he needs to show up for us when we think He should. It takes laying down our agenda and coming to him with an attitude of reverence, if we are serious about coming to know Him. We, humans would turn God into our slave and will even abuse him, if our fallen nature was given the chance to be “in charge” of God. Think about that!

But I digress.

Deep inside people who reject God would actually love to experience this God, this Creator of theirs, but they feel like it’s too much work to go through (remember, we are the generation of “instant” coffee and “real time” information). Or they feel as if this was never really meant to be and choose another path.

Some even turn hostile. But I think very few ever indeed descend to a place of truly hating God. Usually God-haters have a story and it’s a very personal and sad story of a loss of some kind. Or some kind of abuse. Either way, when a real deep, personhood-level wound is inflicted on our soul, it generates a deep and sometimes violent reaction, i.e. hate. And when people don’t know who to direct this reaction at, they lash out at the one they think should have protected them from evil. That would be God. Or whatever they think God should be or is.


Most of us have been wounded in some way or another. But some people have been subjected to a deep, personhood altering wound in their psyche. That’s different. There are wounds and there are wounds.

I believe God loves such people no less than all the “good boys and girls”, i.e. those who have come to terms with God and live a life of personal obedience to Him.

So long as people who have rebelled against God don’t cross the line of ‘hating’ God into blaspheming the Holy Spirit, there is hope for them. Sometimes people ‘think’ they hate God when in reality they really don’t, their wounds are producing a reaction to the trauma. Jesus was very explicit that the line that can’t be crossed has to do with blaspheming the Holy Spirit, which is an entirely different type of a response.

Think of the two criminals who were crucified each at Jesus’ side on Calvary. One came to a place of breaking down before God and repenting of his sin, the other one blasphemed God even with his last breath. Let’s not confuse people who have done maybe bad things and have even said harsh things about God, with true, deep-level God-haters who have crossed the line of no return. Judas the Iscariot would be another example of such individuals.


The worst thing is when moralists try to “fix” wounded people. No one really knows how to “fix” people. We can only work with God to love on people and “be there” to the best of our ability.

We also need to be aware of boundaries. A wounded person needs to be made aware of boundaries. Wounded or not, legal, moral, ethical, social and relational (personal) boundaries are for everyone. You may be as wounded as anyone, but you must respect the STOP sign on the street, otherwise you might run over someone and end up in jail as you should.

So woundedness is not an excuse for crime or harassing or abusing others.

The best thing we can do is to accept people in their woundedness, without allowing their woundedness to take over and to begin dominating the “game” of life, to begin rewriting “the rules”, the first principles of what we know to be true and right. On a personal relatioship level, in a family, in a business relationship, at work and in society.


Some of us are content with who God is to us, who He has made us to be and we can’t imagine a greater blessing than to be found seeking to become more like Him, to become more human in fact, more real, warmer, loving and accepting. This is the heart of what it means to be ‘spiritual’, I believe. I don’t care too much about religious activities of one kind or another that leave people cold, hardened, shallow and fanatical, lacking compassion, love and acceptance of others. This is what I call “the religious spirit” and it’s all over the place. It turns people into petty religionists I don’t have much patience for.

Some of us have been wounded. Maybe even at home, by someone who should have given us the most love and affirmation. But instead they hurt us. God has deep compassion and love for such people, even if in their pain they lash out at him or other people.

And yet, there are those who have crossed the line. They have given themselves to evil and have chosen to serve it. We need to be aware of the difference between wounded people who do dumb things out of their woundedness and those who have chosen to serve evil.

Finally, I offer this wisdom from a great American eccentric, student of the world and thinker, whose writings I find very interesting, even though I don’t identify with his belief system and philosophical conclusions. At the end of the day, this is just a common sense truth one could easily observe how it plays out in different contexts and even cultures around the world.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

George Bakalov

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