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The Challenge Before Us

Does what we call Christianity today represent what its original founders meant? From the very doctrines, ideas, way of thinking to our practices and church culture, how much of what it was meant to be matches what is today?

After the Roman Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire in the beginning of the 4th century, this is what happened:

“The Church precisely copied the organizational pattern of the Roman Empire, assuring it control and stability.” – Kenneth Sacks, professor of history and classics at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

How does this have anything to do with what Yeshua and his apostles taught?

It doesn’t.

Do most ordinary (file-and-rank) preachers understand this today?

Most of them don’t. They are mostly busy with doing well what they were told by their tradition. Their desire to be found faithful to God is often misplaced as they equate faithfulness to God with following their respective traditional way of church service.

It’s not easy to change the way people think and live. No matter what great truth one thinks they have, most people don’t like changes because most people don’t like problems and turmoil. Life is a great challenge already so why add to our workload right? That’s how most people think.

Do high-level theologians, influential ministers and denominational leaders know how much Romanism and paganism have corrupted Christianity? Not necessarily but some do. However their careers are too dependent on being successful in the false religious system and this conflict of interest prevents them from exposing the status quo.

Some of them know or at least suspect that today’s Christianity has seriously deviated in substance and in form from what it was meant to be, but don’t know what to do about it. In fact it’s probably safe to say that Christianity as we know it today has become practically a strange new religion using the language of the Torah, the Gospels & the Epistles, but has nothing to do with the essence of what Moses and Yeshua taught.

This is not to say we just throw away everything Christian and return to Judaism. Rabbinic Judaism has also deviated in many ways from the Torah so now for us to relearn the ways of old we need to return to sources and practices that predate any of the modern religious paradigms.

May the Lord raise those who will have the courage and the competence to expose the fallacies we have been fed for too long! May his reformers arise in this nation and call us back to the source of God’s Truth, the Teaching of Moses and Yeshua, not the distortions of fanatical religionists!

May hunger for His Truth prevail so we can return to Him and rediscover life in and through Him!

Only a true spiritual awakening can ensure the future of America and the free world. If we fail in this, the barbaric forces unleashed on us will continue to grow stronger until they divide us and conquer us completely!

The Four Conditions For Human Flourishing And National Prosperity

Paul Larsen* is a former portfolio manager and business/economic development consultant. The principles he shares so clearly and masterfully here, in “The Four Conditions For Human Flourishing And National Prosperity”, are based on his deep experience and work in Africa and Eastern Europe.

This material will provide solid, well researched “package” every true Kingdom influencer needs!

  • Are missions your passion? How do you explain in simple terms why nations aren’t prospering? Christians are known for providing shallow, “magical” explanations for everything that’s wrong with our world. This time is over. The time has come and it’s here for people who are serious about helping developing nations to bring to the leaders of these nations wisdom deeper than few spiritual sounding cliches. Leaders of churches, communities, cities and nations are looking for real, Biblical-based, well-researched answers to today’s problems. These answers are relevant for those in the developing and the developed world alike.
  • Is human flourishing your passion? Human flourishing will never be possible without sound, Biblicaly compatible economic solutions.
  • Are you an educator? This is an excellent resource for your classroom, a great way to show why some nations are prospering and others aren’t.
  • Are you a pastor? Why not aquatint your congregation with a more holistic approach to human flourishing vs. the old “humanitarian-aid only” model?
  • Are you a law-maker? This can help you in your daily struggle against economic freedom and the pressure media and Academia exert on today’s legislators by pushing false socialist narratives.

Paul Larsen’s current full time focus is to “Build leaders worth following that lead organizations everyone wants to work with” as a Senior leadership culture consultant with global consulting firm GiANT Worldwide. You email him at (paul.larsen.pa@gmail.com) or you can reach him on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-larsen-giant/


The Truth About Hell

So where exactly is Hell located?

How many sermons have you heard on this topic? How many books or conferences speaking to this subject have you attended?

According to the Book of Revelation, Hell itself gets thrown into the Lake of Fire at some point. So where is the Lake of Fire then? Is it an actual, real place? Or is all this a metaphor? Does it even matter? Why would Scripture even reveal some things about eternity, while holding back so many other details?

I beg you to hold back and think just a little deeper before you decide this is a non-topic and that it’s very clear what the truth is about Hell and the Lake of Fire.

Eternal Judgement is one of the six foundational teachings listed in chapter six of the Book of Hebrews. It’s amazing to me how very few Christians today, know what to make of these teachings, especially when it comes to the last two, which deal with eternal matters.

What we believe about the resurrection of the dead, about Hell and eternal judgement, might just be the thing that reveals exactly how seriously we take Scripture and what it teaches about one of the most important questions of all time: are there eternal consequences of my choices today? What are they? Says who? How did we come to believe or disbelieve things we say we believe in or not? Exactly WHAT DO I believe in my heart of hearts? How does what I actually believe about these things impact me and my life today and now? How does it impact my legacy and the future generations?

In my attempts to better understand what Scripture actually teaches on these subjects, I have come to some shocking discoveries that have made me rethink everything I have ever heard about the Bible and what it means to live a life of godliness.

But there’s more work to be done before I can release this report. You can help me to get the job done by joining our Patreon community by clicking here: https://www.patreon.com/threefoldlife

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Bible Scholars and most preachers today have been amazingly neglectful of this subject, just as materialism and post-modernism have been creeping in, intimidating Christians and gradually destroying the foundation of Truth upon which Christendom once stood.

After all, if Hell isn’t real and there are no eternal consequences of our moral choices today, does anything else Scripture teaches really matter? Post-modernism offers people a worldview paradigm that disconnects our moral choices in this life and the notion of eternal consequences after we breath out our last.

We have a choice to either ignore all this, or restore the Classical understanding of Hell and disrupt the seemingly unstoppable advance of post-modernism and the collapse it brings to the very foundations of our civilization. But this will take more than just preaching at the post-modern culture. It will take each and everyone first getting very clear on what the Classical Truth is on this subject and then doing what God has called each and everyone on us in our sphere of influence, using the power of God’s Truth.

Would you consider joining me on Patreon? Your support will help me do what I am called to do and it might help you do in your walk with the Lord.

It takes a certain kind of intentional, intense and relentless mindset for someone to dig deep, wide and broad enough in the process of recovering the Classical understanding of Truth. This is a major part of what God has called me to do. Mind you, I am not talking about some purely academic, theological, abstract studies. I’m talking more about a sense of urgency and awareness of the call of God in this generation. I am talking about the need for ALL who call themselves believers to become well informed about what what Scripture teaches and activate ALL in their calling. I would call this an apostolic labor.

Are you one of the people who understands the significance of such efforts? Would you like to become part of it?

What kind of “Truth” do we pass on to our children? Are we serious about our call to receive His Truth, live it out and pass it one to the next generation and everyone else in this world we come into contact with?

These are the kind of people I am calling to consider becoming part of the THREEFOLD LIFE of advancing the Kingdom through the power of #Faith #Liberty and #Charity! These three working together as one, have the power to transform individual lives and entire cultures.

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