The Four Conditions For Human Flourishing And National Prosperity

I’m very pleased to present this new official English language production from our studio at the Historic Wesley Center!

The full, 50 minute, in-depth presentation is available through our Patreon page.

Great resource for ministers, pastors, teachers, students, legislators, journalists and influencers at any level.

“Paul Larsen: The Four Conditions For Human Flourishing And National Prosperity”

Paul Larsen* is a former portfolio manager and business/economic development consultant. The principles he shares so clearly and masterfully here, in “The Four Conditions For Human Flourishing And National Prosperity”, are based on his deep experience and work in Africa and Eastern Europe.

This material will provide solid, well researched “package” every true Kingdom influencer needs!

  • Are missions your passion? How do you explain in simple terms why nations aren’t prospering? Christians are known for providing shallow, “magical” explanations for everything that’s wrong with our world. This time is over. The time has come and it’s here for people who are serious about helping developing nations to bring to the leaders of these nations wisdom deeper than few spiritual sounding cliches. Leaders of churches, communities, cities and nations are looking for real, Biblical-based, well-researched answers to today’s problems. These answers are relevant for those in the developing and the developed world alike.
  • Is human flourishing your passion? Human flourishing will never be possible without sound, Biblicaly compatible economic solutions.
  • Are you an educator? This is an excellent resource for your classroom, a great way to show why some nations are prospering and others aren’t.
  • Are you a pastor? Why not aquatint your congregation with a more holistic approach to human flourishing vs. the old “humanitarian-aid only” model?
  • Are you a law-maker? This can help you in your daily struggle against economic freedom and the pressure media and Academia exert on today’s legislators by pushing false socialist narratives.

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Full version features:

  • Deeper level of detail
  • Rich context
  • Graphs
  • Historic analysis
  • Present day application & solutions

Paul Larsen’s current full time focus is to “Build leaders worth following that lead organizations everyone wants to work with” as a Senior leadership culture consultant with global consulting firm GiANT Worldwide. You email him at ( or you can reach him on LinkedIn at:

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