The Board Members

Beloved, I’m pleased to share with you the good news that the members of Threefold Christian Alliance have given me their full support in advancing God’s Kingdom purpose through this ministry effort!

The Board Members are committed to pray for the work, to advise, to encourage and to provide adequate accountability in order to ensure this great work will achieve all it was meant to achieve for the Lord.

I will also draw on the Board Members’ wisdom, experience and ministry gifting, as I seek to bring together like-minded leaders and ministries from around the world for the purpose of Kingdom advancement.

I would also like to ask all our friends and supporters to pray for and bless these men and their families as they each pursue the call of God on their own lives and within their specific sphere of influence.

Thank you,

  • Pastor Chris Heinz
  • Prophet Samuel Rivers
  • Mr. Mike Adamovich
  • Apostle CP Anderson

for your willingness to support the vision of this Alliance and may God bless you abundantly in every possible way!

George Bakalov


Threefold Christian Alliance

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