The Christian Response to the Sharia Agenda in Minnesota and the US

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Date(s) - 07/21/2018
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

The Blessing House Victoria


Equipping vigilant citizens and influencers with practical tools for countering the Sharia Agenda, in a godly and dignified manner

Why this event?

The Sharia Agenda is the real agenda of Political Islam. All Islam is Political Islam. This means that all Islam, at all times has had the same goal it has always had – to take over or if it can’t take over, to infiltrate the infidel culture (country) and replace the existing law with Islamic Law, i.e. Sharia Law. Such agenda is both anti-constitutional and anti-Christian. However, an alarmingly low percentage of Americans and American Christians are aware of this agenda. Not only that but so-called Christian organizations are some of the main players in the resettlement business, bringing Muslims into the United States in an act of misguided charity.

It is troubling to discover just how many otherwise good and godly Christians and Christian leaders are uninformed about the Sharia Agenda’s advancement in the US and the State of Minnesota. It is also troubling to discover how many believers are confused about just what is the Christian way to respond to the Sharia Agenda.

The purpose of this gathering is to propose a well-thought response to the current state of confusion: theologically, ethically and culturally. The assumption is that if a well-articulated position and response is offered to many uninformed or undecided Christians, they can be awakened and released from whatever is blocking them from getting involved in our response against the creeping Sharia agenda.  It is important for many believers to be able to resist the Sharia Agenda while maintaining a godly and easy to explain (and defend) position.

Sadly, many church leaders have never addressed this issue and therefore scores of believers remain passive.

Much material has been produced in recent years explaining the threat of Islam. This hasn’t been enough for Christians to become activated on a large scale. The missing piece might be the formation of such a position that clears the pathway for a serious follower of Christ to remain such, even while they take action against the threat of Sharia.

Such is the goal of this consultation. The leaders who sign up as presenters for this event will each have 5 minutes to offer their understanding of what such position should look and sound like.

We will attempt to have a couple of world-class leaders in this field join us live through the Internet and speak to us on this topic. One from the US and another one from the Middle East.

We will then have a discussion which will allow all participants to offer their input. In a perfect world, in the end, we will have a better, more complete positions, which if we all like and agree with, we can start using immediately to reach out to other believers. Or if not, everyone who wishes to still be part of this initiative can use their own version, so long as its effective and it doesn’t contradict the fundamental positions of the group.

Goals of the consultation:

  • First, step to creating an informal state-wide network made up of people ready and willing to become engaged in the current civilizational clash at the local level.
  • State of the Twin Cities and Minnesota Report – where are we at currently:
    • when compared to already known Sharia agenda global metrics
    • when compared to current Sharia scenarios in other parts of the country.
    • Twin Cities vs. state-level.
    • Breach points defined.
  • Clarification of stated goals through the end of 2018
  • Mapping out desired results by the end of Trump’s first term
    • ward level
    • city level
    • county level
    • state level
  • Actions format, undertakings, and tools
    • Media (blog, podcast, Press-Releases, Academic research aggregation)
    • Events making anti-sharia/pro-liberty activism popular and cool.
    • Partnership with existing groups on local, state and national level.
    • Citizen tip-line.
    • Booklets distribution (Start with Bill Warner’s Sharia booklet)
    • Victims of Sharia awareness campaign
  • Legal Fund
  • Structure & funding

Proposed date: Saturday, July 21st 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Proposed place: The Blessing House (Victoria, MN)


Bookings are closed for this event.

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