Arnold Sigik praying for Christian kids in Cambodia

Threefold’s Kingdom Ally in Indonesia Arnold Sigik was born and grew up in Indonesia, the largest Muslim populated country in the world. Yet God found him there at the very young age of 13.

When God’s calling came to Arnold he was still attending High School. He considered leaving school immediately to attend Bible School. Before leaving traditional education he sought advice from friends, family, and those currently in the ministry. Most everyone suggested that he finish his current schooling first. They told Arnold to get an educational certificate as a fallback position… just in case his ministry endeavors did not work out. With his education in place he’d then be equipped to secure himself a job. So Arnold finished high school in 1992, then left home, and never returned again. From that day forward his life was dedicated and focused on serving the Lord Jesus.

As a side note and thanks to God, Arnold had no need to rely on his high-school-certificate to apply for any job… at anytime. Every position he has ever had came as a blessing directly from the Lord. Arnold’s very life became a passionate example of a man that seeks after the Lord’s heart….and the Lord has taken care of him along the way. The Lord is his Provider.

Over the last seven years, God began to launch his ministries internationally. Arnold started as an interpreter and preacher ministering in small churches throughout many Indonesian cities…which, the servant that he is, he still does to this day. But now Arnold finds himself called to preach into the pulpit of the nations.

“Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance,” is the Biblical promise that has been driving this Indonesian missionary to the farthest corners of the earth.

In 2016 Arnold was called to travel overseas six separate times. So far in 2017 he has made four overseas ministry trips. In June of 2017, his plans are to travel to both Malaysia and Cambodia. Then in June, he will minister in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. Domestically he continues to travel long hours by air and land to far -and hard to reach- inland areas of Indonesia. God is opening many doors for him, and in obedience Arnold is responding.

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